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                     MY LETTER TO KOFI ANNAN

Your Excellency Secretary of the United Nations Mr. Kofi Annan,

My understanding is that I write to you as an ordinary man who doesn’t know much about politics.

I take the freedom to send you three suggestions. My humble wish is that they could help you and your assembly to solve the conflicts in our world.

1.   To establish an international constitution for all countries worldwide.

This constitution would be based on following common values:

Democracy, Freedom, Free market economy and Human rights.

Every country that adapts these principals into their constitution should be able to combine it with fundaments of their cultures and traditions.

The idea is to eliminate dictatorship from our planet with free parliament elections and direct free presidential elections.

If all countries would accept witnesses (election controllers) of the United Nations, no country could feel itself disadvantaged.

I heard that some countries had to change 13 points in their constitution to be able to join the European Union, which imply that they know that the change will improve the situation in their country rather then depreciate it. Unfortunately, the same governments don’t want to make similar efforts to improve the human rights. Nowadays, the UN has the power to force all countries to comply with new standards.

2.   I would like to see the relationship between the rich and poor countries evolve in a social-democratic way. This means that all countries contribute 1% of their income into an account under UN supervision. The United Nations establish a poverty line following a widely approved modelisation and calculate how much each poor country is below it.

The collected funds will be invested into poor countries and help them to raise their economic situation above the established poverty line. This step comes after all countries have adopted the international constitution and free elections.

3.   I can see that something is wrong between people in the whole world. Sunni Muslims fight Shia Muslims and vice-versa. Catholic Christians fight Protestant Christians and vice-versa. I would like you to call selected people from every religious group around the world, independently of their size, including the atheists. All of them should discuss and answer one question in particular:

Where is the conflict and how can we solve it? When they admit that there is no real conflict, then ordinary people might have no reason to fight.


Mohamed Said

Finland 1/11/03


























23 December, 2003

Dear Mr. Said,


On behalf of Secretary-General Kofi Annan, I wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of I November 2003, which has been referred to this office for reply.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, which have been read and noted. I must advise you that any proposal to be considered by the members of the United Nations must first be presented by an official representative of a Member State, duly inscribed on the Organization's agenda and voted by the Membership. You may therefore wish to redirect your proposal to your country's representative office before the United Nations: Permanent Mission of Finland to the United Nations, 866 United Nations Plaza, Suite 222, New York, NY 100 17 U.S.A. I hope this information is helpful to you .

Thank you again for your interest in the United Nations ,and for taking the time to write to us .

Yours sincerely ,

Dawn Johnston Britton

Acting Chief, Public Inquiries Unit

Department of Public Infon-nation

Mr. Mohamed Said  

 Niittytie I B 16 ,

03100 Nummela  










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