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I, Said Mohamed, am hereby applying for patent protection as the inventor of Aladdin's Carpet under Disclosure Document number 399703. I have attached five diagrams of the Aladdin's Carpet which describe the carpet’s look and function. The Aladdin's Carpet is intended to be used for amusement and transportation purposes.

Cool Car

Safe car

Wind Silencer

Said Ski
Paris Metro Map




I think in all over the world every one has been suffered influenza several times in her/his life. I think the worst thing when people are sick with influenza is the pain and damage in nose, that's why I have been thinking about EASY COOL! To help the one who is sick with cold not to get infection or inflammation in her/his nose. Also help as a medical treatment from cold.


EASY COOL is the product that can help people who has influenza. The traditional way is to clean the nose with tissues or handkerchiefs, which can damage nose and be a source of reinfection.


With this new idea, EASY COOL, through the simple action of inhaling and exhaling, a healing and protective vapour is distributed throughout the nasal passages. The external skin of the nose is also protected from inflammation.





I am applying for this patent to preserve my right’s as the original inventor of water skates, and innovator of the concept of water skating as a sport.




New map design for PARIS METRO



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Kofi Annan Letter
The Pyramids First



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    SAFE CAR  


It makes the car and the driver and passengers safer from a car crashes.

The traditional car accident is like when you throw an egg at wall.

The result is the egg will be damaged.

But this is a new idea for safe car is that your car will react like Ping-Pong ball and not like an egg.

The result is the ball will bounce back unharmed.



Nearly every car nowadays has air conditioning, which helps so much to enjoy driving cars in hot summer weather.

 But the biggest problem for drivers comes when the car stays under the sun for a long time and when people come back inside from the beach or shopping it is never a pleasant moment. It can actually be serious when the steering wheel and the seats are so hot that you can barely touch it.

To solve this problem simply, we must add the solar cells up to the top of the roof the car (the size of these cells will be decided by the power we need for each specific car).

When this device (the solar cells) is connected directly to the air conditioning, it will keep working automatically as long as the car stays in the sun, and with no sun it will stop automatically.

With this simple device, we solve a great problem for car drivers and as an added bonus, this device can also charge the car battery in case of loss of energy for any reason.




I am applying for this patent to preserve my rights as the original inventor of the wind silencer.

In the case of an automobile, wind and other things produces noise through collisions within the body of the automobile, The wind silencers minimize the noise.

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